The Bible Study – Acts 14:21-15:21

The Jerusalem Council.

His Time

Topics of Discussion: (1) Rev. Joshua Scheer talks about The Brothers of John the Steadfast, (2) Dr. Bob Weise talks about Christian Bioethics and how to handle Aging, (3) Rev. Randall Golter talks about his work at the International Mission Office, and (4) Rev. James Holowach studies Matthew 19:16-30 “The Rich Young Man” and also gives today’s Matins Sermonette.

Wrestling With the Basics

The Haunted Episode with “Icky, Sticky, Hairy, Scary, Bible Stories”.

Studio A

Topics of Discussion: (1) “Contrasting the Candidates on Family and Faith” with Robert G. Morrison, (2) “Is the End of the World Really Such a Bad Thing?” with Rev. Tom Handrick, and (3) “Paleo-Evangelicals” with Dr. Thomas Kidd.


Baptized Into God’s Family: The Doctrine Of Infant Baptism For Today by Dr. A.. Andrew Das

Law and Gospel

Topics of Discussion: (1) Open Mike with hymn “From God Can Nothing Move Me.” (2) Email: Passages about saved by being righteous. (3) Email: Balancing or distinguishing Law and Gospel. (4) Coupon 777. (5) Email: L&G view of John 14:23.

The Bible Study – Acts 13:48 -14:20

Paul and Barnabus at Lystra.


Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind by Mark Noll – by Mark Noll

Law and Gospel

Topics of Discussion: (1) Ruminations with Rev. Peter Kurowski. (2) How to have a conversastions with an atheist daughter-in-law. (3) Atheists Hitler, Stalin, Mao are mass murderers.

The Bible Study – Acts 13:1-47

“Paul and Barnabus in Antioch of Pisidia.”