WLN Digest Minute

World Lutheran news for May 13, 2013.


“Scripture and the church: Selected essays of Hermann Sasse (Concordia Seminary monograph series)” by Jeff Kloha — Part 1 of 2

Law and Gospel

Topics of Discussion: (1) Pentecost reading: Genesis 11:1-9. (2) Tower of Babel and Pentecost. (3) Insights from Rabbi Lapin.


“An Introduction to the Aging Maze” with guest Althea West, Lea Ann Coates, and Rita Vicary.

The Bible Study – Daniel 4:1-37

Daniel 4:1-37 — “Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream of a Tree” with guest Rev. Larry Troxel of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Bowen, Illinois.

His Time Morning Show

Topics of Discussion: (1) Rev. Joshua Scheer talks about the Brotherhood of John the Steadfast, (2) Dr. Bob Weise talks about Christian Bioethics, (3) Rev. Richard Boshoven takes a look at Luke 18:35-19:10 “A Blind Beggar Receives His Sight” and “Zacchaeus the Tax Collector” ,and (4) Rev. Boshoven gives today’s sermonette.