Reformation Rush Hour – Katie Luther Play, Satanists, Liberalism

Hear what Rev. Craig Donofrio has to day today!

Thy Strong Word – John 9 “Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind”

John 9 “Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind” with guest Rev. Steven Theiss of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Columbia, Illinois.

Faith’n’Family – Lutheran Schools Curriculum

With guest Dr. Rodney Rathmann and Brenda Trunkhill.

Law and Gospel – Brunsmann, Cailfornia

(1) Guest: Actor Chris Ann Brunsmann. (2) Questions asked in California.

His Time – Lutheran Senior Services, Church Calendar, Body of the Church

(1) Jane Wilke talks about Lutheran Senior Services, (2) Rev. Kevin Parviz talks about the Bible Feasts, and (3) and Rev. David Meier looks at 1 Corinthians 12:14-31 and gives today’s sermonette.