Thy Strong Word – Mark 9 “The Transfiguration”

Mark 9 “The Transfiguration” with guest Rev. John Lukomski of St. Paul/Trinity Lutheran Churches in Southern Illinois.

Faith’n’Family – 90 Days Special

Guest Host Craig Donofrio talks with Rev. Paul Devantier – Author and Voice of By The Way, and Past Executive Director – Board for Communication Services – LCMS.

Law and Gospel – Ruminations, Hymn Study

(1) Ruminations with Mark Smith. (2) Hymn: “Savior of the Nations, Come.”

His Time – The Gospel Printed in Different Languages, The New Jerusalem

(1) Matt Heise and Jeff Rahn talk about Lutheran Heritage Foundation, and (2) Rev. Todd Wilkins looks at Revelation 21:9-27 and gives today’s sermonette.