Reformation Rush Hour

Hear what Rev. Craig Donofrio has to say today!

Concord Matters – Fourth Commandment in Large Catechism

Host Charles Henrickson and guests Sean Smith and Chris Hull discuss the Fourth Commandment, paragraphs 108-113, in the Large Catechism.

Thy Strong Word – Catechism Review: Daily Prayers

Catechism Review: Daily Prayers with guest Rev. Kevin Parviz of the Congregation Chai v’Shalom in St. Louis, MO.

Law and Gospel

Pastor Baker discusses theological distinctions between Law & Gospel.

His Time – Caring For Our Pastors and Church Workers, Traditions and Commandments

(1) Dr. Jack Fyans talks about caring for our Pastors and Church Workers , and (2) Rev. Jace Detrie looks at Matthew 15:1-20 and gives today’s sermonette.