Reformation Rush Hour

Hear what Rev. Craig Donofrio has to say today!

Concord Matters – Fourth Commandment in Large Catechism

Today we cover the Fourth Commandment, parents, mothers, fathers, kids, good works, new monasticism, bosses, pastors, government, youth work, and carthusians.

Thy Strong Word – 1 Peter 5 “Shepherd of the Flock of God”

1 Peter 5 “Shepherd of the Flock of God” with guest Rev. John Lukomski of St. Paul/Trinity Lutheran Churches in Southern Illinois.

Faith’n’Family – How Music Bridges Generational Gaps in the Church & Family

Janet Muth and Rev. Stephen Rosebrock discuss the role of music in the church and the home, particularly addressing how the gift of song connects all generations.

Law and Gospel

Pastor Baker discusses theological distinctions between Law & Gospel.

His Time – HymnFest, The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant

(1) Dr. Mark Bender talks about HymnFest, and (2) Rev. Robert Kuefner looks at Matthew 18:21-35 and gives today’s sermonette.