Moments of Assurance – The Bach Society 75th Anniversary Season

Pastor Mark Hawkinson, discusses the Bach Society 75th Anniversary Season with A. Dennis Sparger, D.M.A., Music Director and Conductor, The Bach Society of Saint Louis and Scott Kennebeck, Cathedral Concerts.

Thy Strong Word – Luke 13 “Repent or Perish”

Luke 13 “Repent or Perish” with guest Rev. John Lukomski of St. Paul/Trinity Lutheran Churches in Southern Illinois.

Law and Gospel

Pastor Baker discusses theological distinctions between Law & Gospel.

His Time – The Wittenberg Project, Paying Taxes to Caesar

(1) Rev. David Bueltmann talks about The Wittenberg Project, and (2) Rev. Lucas Witt looks at Mark 12:13-27 and gives today’s sermonette.