Free To Be Faithful – The tax status of religious organizations is being threatened…

Learn about it as Free to be Faithful moderator Kip Allen discusses it with attorneys from Alliance Defending Freedom and the Heritage Foundation.

The Student Union – Learn all about “The Lutheran Young Adult Corps”

Learn all about “The Lutheran Young Adult Corps” with Julianna Shults, program manager for the Lutheran Young Adult Corps through the LCMS Office of National Mission.

Thy Strong Word – Hosea 2 “Israel’s Unfaithfulness Punished”

Hosea 2 “Israel’s Unfaithfulness Punished” with guest Rev. Thomas Eckstein of Concordia Lutheran Church in Jamestown, ND.

Faith’n’Family – Standardized Testing

Laura Montgomery addresses questions about standardized testing in Lutheran schools.

Law and Gospel

Pastor Baker discusses theological distinctions between Law & Gospel.

His Time – LWML’s 75th Anniversary & Convention, Witness Wednesday, Jesus Sends Out the Seventy-Two

(1) Patti Ross discusses the LWML’s 75th anniversary and the 2017 convention, (2) Rev. Mark Wood joins us for Witness Wednesday, and (3) Rev. Travis Downs looks at Luke 10:1-22 and gives today’s sermonette.