World Lutheran News Digest – Vote Your Values

Kip Allen and Tim Goeglein, Vice President of External Relations for Focus on the Family, discuss issues surrounding the upcoming election.

Thy Strong Word – 1 Peter 3: Wives and Husbands

1 Peter 3: “Wives and Husbands” with guest Rev. Victor Belton from Peace Lutheran Church in Decatur, Georgia.

Faith’n’Family – Lutheran Senior Services: Veterans Fair

With guests Maggy Spencer and Margaret Cox.

Law and Gospel – Live from Convention

Guest host Rev. Wes Reimnitz and special guest Rev. Nabil Nour discuss theological distinctions between Law & Gospel regarding items at convention.

His Time – LCMS Communications Department, Witness Wednesday, “Paul Accepted by the Apostles”

(1) Pam Nielsen, Associate Executive Director of LCMS Communications, (2) Rev. Mark Wood joins us for Witness Wednesday, and (3) Rev. Michael Merker looks at Galatians 2:1-21 and gives today’s sermonette.