Thy Strong Word – Looking Ahead: Second Sunday after Epiphany

Sneak Peek: Second Sunday after Epiphany with guest Rev. John Shank from Trinity Lutheran Church in Edwardsville, Illinois.

Faith’n’Family – Domestic Missionary Rebecca Schaff; March for Life Chicago

With guests Rebecca Schaff, Rev. Dan Gilbert, and Lori Trinche.

Faith & Family – March for Life Chicago

With Rev. Dan Gilbert and Lori Trinche.

Law and Gospel — Insight Wednesday

Pastor Baker discusses theological distinctions between Law & Gospel regarding Isaiah 42.

His Time – Daily Lectionary: Romans 3

Rev. Braun Campbell looks at Romans 3:1-18 and gives today’s sermonette.

His Time – Christ Academy & Pastoral Formation

Guest Rev. Matt Wietfeldt talks about Christ Academy, seminary experience and pastoral formation.

His Time – Scripture Studies: Psalm 7, Proverbs 3, Ezekiel 33

Rev. Jonathan Fisk meditates on Scripture Readings