Concord Matters – My Repenter is Broken: Part II

The Smalcald Articles in the Book of Concord – With host Rev. Sean Smith and guests Rev. Peter Ill and Peter Slayton.

Thy Strong Word – Numbers 5: Unclean People

Rev. John Lukomski joins host Rev. AJ Espinosa to study Numbers 5.

News Break – Abortion clinic remains open

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 – Headlines

Daily Chapel – Rev. Dr. John Vieker on Mark 6:7–13 Audio File Rev. Dr. John Vieker gives today’s sermon based on Mark 6:7–13. Tune in weekdays at 10:00 a.m. CT to hear daily chapel services from the LCMS International Center. Find service information including the lectionary, hymn, and homilist…

Law and Gospel — Trinity Sunday’s Hymn of the Day: LSB 498/499

Pastor Baker discusses theological distinctions between Law & Gospel regarding Sunday’s Hymn of the Day, LSB #498/499, with guest Rev. Mark Smith.

The Coffee Hour – Celebrating Life in Our Latter Years

Andy and Sarah talk with Michael Klatt, President and CEO of The Lutheran Home Association based in Belle Plaine, Minnesota.

The Coffee Hour – Embracing the Awkward of Making Friends

Andy and Sarah talk with Deaconess Heidi Goehmann, LCSW.

Sharper Iron & Truth in Genesis: Pre-Assyrian Potpourri

Rev. Jeremiah Johnson studies Genesis 35:16-37:2a regarding the messianic prophecy in Micah and its relation to this text, the lust for power, the death of Isaac and hardships of Jacob, why these Biblical genealogies are important to the bigger story, and the inheritance promised to Abraham.

Oratio: Agony of Jesus

Rev. Kenneth Bomberger gives today’s prayerful thought based on the day’s Scripture readings.

Morning Prayer Sermonette: Luke 22:24-46

Rev. Gaven Mize gives today’s sermonette.