Concord Matters – Squirrely Errors in the Theology of Original Sin

The Formula of Concord in the Book of Concord – With host Rev. Sean Smith and guests Rev. Timothy Appel, Rev. Nathaniel Hill, and Rev. Dustin Beck

Thy Strong Word – Isaiah 59: God Dons His Armor to Save Despite Our Dark Prayers

Rev. David Boisclair, pastor of Faith and Bethesda Lutheran Churches in North St. Louis County, Missouri, joins host Rev. AJ Espinosa to study Isaiah 59.

News Break – Mississippi fights for life

Tuesday, December 17, 2019 – Headlines

Daily Chapel – Rev. Mark Hawkinson on Matthew 3:1-3

Rev. Mark Hawkinson gives today’s sermon based on Matthew 3:1-3.

Law and Gospel — Sunday’s Hymn of the Day: LSB 357

Pastor Baker discusses theological distinctions between Law & Gospel regarding Sunday’s Hymn of the Day, LSB 357, with guest Rev. Mark Smith.

The Coffee Hour – Tips for the Holidays from the Mom of an Awesome Kid with Special Needs

Andy talks with Mona Furstenau, with Bethesda Lutheran Communities.

The Coffee Hour – Teaching Hymnody in Africa

Andy and Sarah talk with Phil Magness, Music Specialist for West and Central Africa with the LCMS Office of International Mission.

Sharper Iron — Christ is Surely Coming: Comfort in Affliction

Rev. Dr. Adam Filipek, pastor at Holy Cross Lutheran Church and Immanuel Lutheran Church in Lidgerwood, ND, joins host Rev. Timothy Appel to study 2 Thessalonians 1:1-12.

Oratio: Seven Seals

Rev. Kenneth Bomberger gives today’s prayerful thought based on the day’s Scripture readings.