Daily Chapel – Rev. Sean Daenzer on Psalm 48

Rev. Sean Daenzer gives today’s sermon based on Psalm 48.

Mission Field: USA — Campus Ministry and Mission: Challenges and Opportunities

Rev. Marcus Zill explores why campus ministry is vital for the future of the church and how your ministry can be involved.

Law and Gospel — Bible Study Wednesday: C.F.W. Walther’s 16th Evening Lecture

Pastor Baker discusses theological distinctions between Law & Gospel regarding C.F.W Walther’s 16th Evening Lecture on Thesis 9.

The Coffee Hour – Green Season Hymns: LSB 717, 615 & 645

Andy and Sarah talk with Benjamin Kolodziej, member of Faith Lutheran Church in Plano, TX, and contributor to the Lutheran Service Book Hymnal Companion

Sharper Iron — Rebellion and Rescue: Fatal Attraction

Rev. Nate Hill, pastor at St. Michael’s Lutheran Church in Winchester, TX, joins host Rev. Timothy Appel to study Judges 16:1-21.

Oratio: The Truth is God

Rev. Kenneth Bomberger gives today’s prayerful thought based on the day’s Scripture readings.

Morning Prayer Sermonette: Acts 28:1-15

Rev. Norman Milz gives today’s sermonette.

Concord Matters – The Three Estates for Good Order: Government, Church, Family

The Formula of Concord in the Book of Concord – With host Rev. Sean Smith and guest Rev. Matt Richard

Thy Strong Word – Exodus 40: Moses Unable, ☧ Enters to Create Israel’s Time

Rev. Ingo Dutzmann, retired LCMS pastor in Sebascodegan Island, Maine, joins host Rev. AJ Espinosa to study Exodus 40.

News Break – Concordia Irvine adds new school

Tuesday, August 4, 2020 – Headlines