Oratio: Does Your Conscience Accuse You?

Rev. Jonathan Fisk gives today’s prayerful thought based on the day’s Scripture readings.

Cross Defense – Is the Conscience Still Relevant?

With guests Rev. Andrew Preus and Rev. Adam DeGroot

Sharper Iron: Refusing to Peddle God’s Word

Rev. Chad Philipp looks at 2 Corinthians 1:23-2:17.

Faith’n’Family – ACLU vs Trinity Health Corporation; Simon’s Law

Today we discuss bills and laws that were either approved or dismissed that could affect critical health care.

Concord Matters – Large Catechism, First Commandment

Today we talk about the First Commandment as it is discussed in the Large Catechism.

Concord Matters – Augsburg XI: Confession

Today we look at Confession, Absolution, Steadfast Throwdown, Sacraments, Public Confession, General, Corporate, Individual, Private Confession, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, How can Pastors forgive sins, Examination, Ten Commandments, Vocation, Scripture, conscience, enumeration, abuses, penance, pastors, father confessor, what to expect, seal of confession, ordination vows, state laws, what will pastor think of me.

Studio A

Topics of Discussion: (1) “What is the conscience and what purpose does it serve?” with Rev. Dan Torkelson, (2) “Why the Leadership of the Mormon Church is Operating in Damage Control” with Art Vancik, and (3) “Margaret Thatcher on Leadership” with Nile Gardiner.