Reformation Rush Hour

Hear what’s going on today with Rev. Craig Donofrio.

The Bible Study – Psalm 50 “God Himself is Judge”

Psalm 50 “God Himself is Judge” with guest Rev. Warren Woerth of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Arnold, Missouri.

Law and Gospel – Open Mike, Analysis of movie “Heaven is for Real”, UK banning Creationism in Public Schools

(1) Open Mike. (2) How to get analysis of “Heaven is for Real.” (3) UK banning teaching of creationism in public schools. (4) Caller: Never name someone after living relative? (5) Caller: Luke 13:22-24.

His Time – New Missionary Orientation, Creation Club

(1) Dr. Detlev Schulz talks about the New Missionary Orientation presentation, (2) Rev. Warren Woerth talks on Creation Club, and (3) Rev. James Jenson looks at Acts 8:26-40 and gives today’s sermonette.