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The Student Union – “Community College Campus Ministry: Why and how?”

Today we discuss starting campus ministry at local community colleges.

The Student Union – “Confessing Marriage Boldly”

Today we discuss boldly confessing God’s estate of marriage in a world with legalized gay marriage.

The Student Union – “Atheists, Activism, and Chick-fil-A”

Today we discuss student witnessing to atheists on campus and get a student’s reaction to some recent events on campuses around the country.

The Student Union – “BuzzFeed Theology”

Today we talk about BuzzFeed Theology and “Christian Shaming”.

The Student Union – “White Critical Studies. Really?”

Today we talk about the new field of white critical studies and Portland Community College’s April promotion of “Whiteness History Month”.

The Student Union – “Religious Liberty: Essential for a Free People”

Today we talk about religious liberty with one of our LCMS Free to be Faithful Young Adult Ambassadors.

The Student Union – “Walking for Life”

Today we get caught up on all the opportunities available to support life, not only by participating in one of many January marches or walks, but throughout the year.

The Student Union

The Student Union

The Student Union – “Can I take Religious Studies at a State University and Keep My Faith?”

Today we talk about the pros and cons of religious studies programs at secular universities.