LCMS Youth Ministry End Goals – 7 Practices of Healthy Youth Ministry – Supportive Adults

Mark and Julianna discuss the reason why supportive adults make such a big impact on engaging and retaining young people.

The Coffee Hour – Women’s Guide to Christian Mentoring

Andy talks with Darcy Paape, author of Someone to Walk With, A Woman’s Guide to Christian Mentoring available from Concordia Publishing House.

The Coffee Hour – Wading Through Social Media with Digital Natives

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with social media experts Peter Slayton (LCMS Communications), Matthew Bergholt (LCMS School Ministry), and Meredith Whitefield (LCMS Youth Ministry).

The Coffee Hour – Reaching and Encouraging Young Adults

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Julianna Shults, DCE— program manager for Lutheran Young Adult Corps, Rev. Mark Kiessling— Director of Youth Ministry, and Ryan Curnutt— Senior Research Analyst.

The Coffee Hour – Wellness for the Church Work Student

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Deaconess Heidi Goehmann, LCSW, MSW, of