{The Lutheran Ladies’ Lounge} Adventures in Lutheranism: NLOMA Summer Camp

Let’s face it: some Adventures in Lutheranism are just a little more adventurous than others — and this episode is proof positive.

The Coffee Hour – Camp at Lakeview Ministries!

Andy and Sarah talk with Tim Stair, Director of Operations with Lakeview Ministries in Seymour, Indiana.

The Coffee Hour – Caring for Missionary Children

Today, Andy and guest co-host Anne Gonzalez talk with David Fiala, DCE, Assistant Director of Missionary Recruitment for the LCMS Office of International Mission.

Faith & Family – Confirmation Retreat at Concordia Theological Seminary Fort Wayne

With guest Rev. Matthew Wietfeldt, of Concordia Theological Seminary Fort Wayne

Faith & Family – Camp Concordia

With Dr. Craig S. Oldenburg, D.Min., M.S., DCE.

Nutrition, Exercise, and Life in Christ after Cancer

With guests Karen Tripp, and Keith Whittemore.

Faith’n’Family – Kids Health & Bike Safety; Life in Christ After Cancer

With guests Rev. Glen Thomas, Lynn McCain, Libby Anvender, Debbie Esker, Karen Tripp, and Keith Whittemore.