The Student Union – Let us Pray: The College Student Devotional Life

Today, we discuss the importance of cultivating one’s devotional life in Christ.

The Student Union – The Church: What is it? Where is it?

Today, we discuss the importance of the Reformation and the celebration of All Saints for the life of the college students of the church.

The Student Union – The New Atheism, Morality, & Sam Harris

Today we address the increasing secularistic influence of New Atheism, popularized by author Sam Harris, and it’s impacts on morality and ethics.


Today we talk about the importance of apologetics on campus.

The Student Union – Thoughts and Reflections Following the Oregon Community College Shooting

Today we talk about the recent rise in college mass shootings and the opportunities they present for confessing the faith and needed outreach.

The Student Union – Marijuana Use on Campus and the Privatization of Christianity

Today we talk about the impact that the legalization of marijuana has had on campus life, and the increasingly common “Me and Jesus” spirituality and its impact on college students.

The Student Union – School Religious Freedom

Today we talk school religious freedom and the question, “Do we have an inherent right to be ‘free from expressions of intolerance’?”

The Student Union – Myths about Death

Today we talk school urban campus ministry and myths about death.

The Student Union – School Spirit

Today we talk school spirit, welcome back activities, and lay involvement in campus ministry.

The Student Union – Gender Dysphoria and How to Respond To It

Today we discuss Gender Dysphoria and how to respond to it with Rev. Scott Stiegemeyer, Asst. Professor of Biothetics and Theology at Concordia University Irvine, CA.