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His Time – Urban Church Re-Launch, Rural and Small Town Mission, Paul on Malta

(1) Rev. Dave Lewis talks about the Urbn Church Re-Launch, (2) Rev. Todd Kollbaum talks on Rural & Small Town Mission, and (3) Rev. Alan Koch looks at Acts 28:1-15 and gives today’s sermonette.

His Time – Urban & Inner-City Missions, Creation Club, The Crucifixion of Jesus

(1) Rev. Steve Schave talks about Urban & Inner-City Missions, (2) Rev. Warren Woerth talks on Creation Club, (3) Rev. Rod Zwonitzer looks at Luke 23:26-56, and (4) Rev. Mathew Andersen gives today’s sermonette.

Reformation Rush Hour – Urban Ministries, Work at KFUO, Acts 1:8 ministries

Talking about Urban Ministries with Rev. Steve Schave, work at KFUO with Andy Bates, and Acts 1:8 Ministries with Lee Larson.