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Sarah Gulseth

Digital Media Specialist

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A proud Michigan native and fan of anything with the Mitten State on it, Digital Media Specialist Sarah Gulseth is also a lover of historical war movies and anything with the label PBS Masterpiece. An avid bicyclist and women’s biking advocate, she rides her bike to work year-round and has the massive bike clothing and accessory collection to prove it. If it’s the weekend, she and her husband Luther are probably out riding bikes, or finding the next awesome coffee shop to frequent, or rehearsing for the next choir concert. You may also find her down a new rabbit hole on Google, researching the latest random fact she found on social media, while eating an unhealthy amount of apples (Macintosh from Michigan, of course) and raw almond butter.

The Coffee Hour – Esports at Concordia University Wisconsin

Andy and Sarah talk with Coach Lewis Smith, Head Coach of Concordia University Wisconsin Esports.

The Coffee Hour – From Coast to Coast: Praising Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

Andy and Sarah talk with Dr. Richard Fischer from Concordia University Chicago Matthew Thiel from Sheboygan Lutheran High School in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

The Coffee Hour – Mental Health Monday: What is Intimacy?

Andy and Sarah talk with Deaconess Heidi Goehmann, LCSW.

{The Lutheran Ladies’ Lounge} Erin’s Recipe Card: Comfort Food — AKA Hot Fat Carbs

This February, as winter and the global pandemic alike drag on and on and on, why not enjoy some good old fashioned comfort food?

The Coffee Hour – Searching the Scriptures: February Lutheran Witness

Andy and Sarah talk with Rev. Roy Askins, Managing Editor of The Lutheran Witness.

The Coffee Hour – Summer Camp Sign Up: Camp Perkins

Andy and Sarah talk with Signe White, Executive Director of Camp Perkins near Hailey, Idaho.

The Coffee Hour – Life-Affirming Events and Organizations

Andy and Sarah talk with Deaconess Tiffany Manor— Director of LCMS Life Ministry, and Deaconess Rachel Jaseph Director of The Shepherd’s Hand Community Outreach Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The Coffee Hour – Praying Colors, Morning and Evening (Rebroadcast)

Andy and Sarah talk with Rachel Bomberger—writer, editor, home-educator, mom, wife to US Navy Chaplain, and co-host of The Lutheran Ladies Lounge podcast.

The Coffee Hour – Mental Health Monday: Resilience and Growth

Andy and Sarah talk with Deaconess Heidi Goehmann, LCSW.