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God's Mission HereWhere is God’s mission? God’s mission is everywhere. Yes, it’s far away. But it’s also very near. As near as your congregation and school, your neighborhood, your family and friends, even as near as your home. Wherever you are, God’s mission is in that place. Through His mission, Christ is bringing forgiveness, life, and salvation to people everywhere. Even here. Right where you are. God’s Mission Here. Learn more at lcms.org/nationalmission.

God’s Mission Here spotlights the work that God is doing through His people… and this work is closer to home than you might expect! Listen as we chat with some very down-to-earth people who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty in God’s mission field. Get inspired. Be encouraged. Get involved!

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God’s Mission Here: S1Ep2. Missions on the Move: Part One | Rev. Michael Meyer, Deaconess Dr. Tiffany Manor, Rev. Dr. Mark Wood

How do we decide who to serve and how to serve when there’s so much to be done within the church and outside the church?

God’s Mission Here: Introducing God’s Mission Here!

LCMS National Mission introduces a new podcast that is a must-listen for all people seeking to serve God’s kingdom where their own two feet are on the ground.