Retired Programs

The Bible Study

Airing until August 2014 and hosted by Rev. Craig Donofrio and Roland Lettner, The Bible Study featured guest pastors doing an hour-long in-depth study of the books of the Bible, as well as an additional hour answering listener questions regarding the Bible, Christian faith, or other theological questions.

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Faith & Family

Airing until December 2017 and hosted by Elizabeth Hoffman, Andy Bates, and Sarah Gulseth, Faith & Family kept your family’s Lutheran faith first. This program featured experts who discussed life issues such as money management, dealing with divorce, adoption, how to raise children to lead a God-centered life in a very non-Christian world, and more.

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Free to be Faithful

Airing until January 2021, Free to be Faithful is a religious liberty, education, and awareness program created by The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod in response to increasing governmental and societal incursions into religious life.

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His Time

Airing until July 2017 and hosted by Rev. Randy Asburry, Andy Bates, and Rev. Jonathan Fisk, His Time included morning drive-time devotions and interviews with topic experts on subjects from events in the St. Louis area to the latest on bioethics.

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Moments of Assurance

Airing until July 2020 and hosted by Rev. Mark Hawkinson, Moments of Assurance is your time to meditate on the Word of God.

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The Student Union

Airing until September 2020 and hosted by Rev. Marcus Zill (The Chancellor). The Student Union is a show for college students, as well as all those who work with, love, and care for them. Join us each week as we explore the many and diverse issues that college students face as well as offer ideas and support for everyone engaged in campus ministry in and around the collegiate community. The Student Union is produced by the LCMS Office of National Mission.

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World Lutheran News Digest

Airing until February 2021, World Lutheran News Digest is an audio news magazine bringing you a look at significant events in worldwide Lutheranism.

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