A Moment of Faith

Rev. Doug Nicely, pastor  of Jerusalem Lutheran Church in Collinsville, Illinois, joins host Gary Duncan to reflect on the catechism and scripture. 

Show Time: Thursday at 12:00-1:00 p.m. Central Time
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A Moment of Faith: I Know My Redeemer Lives

Rev. Doug Nicely and Gary Duncan talk about the hymn “I Know My Redeemer Lives” and the related story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.

A Moment of Faith: Amazing Grace

In this podcast-only special, Gary Duncan and Rev. Doug Nicely discuss the blind man and the hymn, “Amazing Grace”.

A Moment of Faith: Lent – Nicodemus

Rev. Doug Nicely discusses with Gary Duncan the season of Lent and the story of Nicodemus.

A Moment of Faith: Lenten Hymns – Did My Savior Bleed

Gary Duncan and Rev. Doug Nicely discuss the six weeks of Lent.  Pastor Nicely also shares with us the Lenten hymn, “Did My Savior Bleed”

A Moment of Faith: Be Thou My Vision

Rev. Doug Nicely discusses his Transfiguration Sunday sermon with Gary Duncan. Doug also focuses on the hymn “Be Thou My Vision”. 

A Moment of Faith: Understanding the Ten Commandments Properly

In our discussion this week with Rev. Doug Nicely and Gary Duncan we look at how the ten commandments were misunderstood by the Jewish officials during the time of Jesus’ earthly life.

A Moment of Faith: Sermon on the Mount

Gary Duncan and Rev. Doug Nicely discuss the sermon on the mount in Matthew. How do we become the light in this world?

A Moment of Faith: Gospel of Matthew, Part 1

Listen as Gary Duncan and Rev. Doug Nicely continue their journey in the first chapters of the gospel of Matthew.

A Moment of Faith: The People That in Darkness Sat

On the program this week, Rev. Doug Nicely talks with Gary Duncan about this week’s Gospel reading from Matthew. He ties the reading to the hymn “The People That in Darkness Sat”

A Moment of Faith: Brightest and Best of the Stars of the Morning

Today, Rev. Doug Nicely discusses Epiphany with Gary Duncan.  Pastor Nicely highlights the hymn “Brightest and Best of the Stars of  the Morning”