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Church of the Week Lenten Promotion

From March 6 – April 21, 2019, if your church commits to be a KFUO Church of the Week, receive the following for only $650! ($200 savings.)

Is your church or organization interested in supporting the radio ministry of KFUO?

Our daily radio programs reach thousands of people every week. Many are Missouri Synod Lutherans.  However, many who call or write indicate they come from a variety of backgrounds including Roman Catholic, Baptist, Judaism, Pentecostal or non-denominational. We have letters from listeners who have become members of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod because of programs heard on KFUO.

If your church or organization has a heart for missions and a desire to support our radio ministry, you  can become a “Church/Organization of the Week” for a contribution of $850.

As a “Church/Organization of the Week,” you would benefit from the following:

1. Exclusive identification as the KFUO “Church/Organization of the Week” for any available seven day period (Sunday through Saturday).

2. Inclusion as the “Church/Organization of the Week” in every hourly 10-second station identification announcement. Hear an example below!


3. Thirty-five 30-second prime time (7 a.m. – 5 p.m.) announcements (5 per day) identifying your congregation or organization, your address and your phone number.  Your pastor or a church representative may record the announcement, if you like. Hear an example below!


4. An interview featuring your pastor or representative on one of KFUO Radio’s morning programs (The Coffee Hour, Sharper Iron, Thy Strong Word).


For more information on becoming a Church/Organization of the Week, contact Rev. Mark A. Hawkinson at (314) 996-1520 or at

For $480 ($40/month) you can become a KFUO Day Sponsor. You can select a special day to honor a family member, remember a loved one or celebrate a happy occasion – perhaps a birthday, anniversary, baptism, confirmation, graduation, etc.  Your message will be announced five times throughout the day on and KFUO-AM850. Hear a sample Day Sponsor message:

Please contact Mary Schmidt at 314-996-1518 or (800) 844-0524 or at to learn more about this opportunity.