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Each day, host Gary Duncan welcomes a different regular guest for a brief conversation about family, creation, scripture, faith, and the sillier side of life.

Show Times: Monday–Friday at 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. Central Time

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A Moment on the Lighter Side
Tuesday: A Moment in Creation
Wednesday: A Moment for the Family
Thursday: A Moment of Faith
A Moment in Scripture

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A Moment for the Family: Closing a Chaotic School Year

This week, Gary and Mary focus their conversation on the end of this chaotic Covid school year. Will it be back to normal this Fall?

A Moment in Creation: Accurate Fossil Records

This week, Pastor Woerth shares with Gary the importance of an accurate fossil record.

A Moment on the Lighter Side: 153 Fish?

Gary’s discussion with St. Peter regarding John chapter 21 concludes.

A Moment in Scripture: 2 Chronicles 13-24

Gary and Pastor Clark talk over 2 Chronicles 13-24 that turns out to be a rapid succession of kings with leading up to King Asa.

A Moment of Faith: Pentecost

The discussion on Moment of Faith with Gary Duncan and Pastor Nicely this week is Pentecost.

A Moment for the Family: Keeping Kindness

The importance of kindness is our discussion for this week. Gary and Mary focus their conversation on how being extra kind helps during the pandemic.

A Moment in Creation: Geology Doesn’t Lie

This week, Pastor Woerth and Gary consider how the event at Mount St. Helens volcano, 41 years ago, has allowed geologists to study in real time how a catastrophe can radically shape the environment.

A Moment on the Lighter Side: John 21

Gary’s discussion continues with St. Peter.  This time they discussing John chapter 21.

A Moment in Scripture: 2 Chronicles 1-12

Follow along as we go through the Bible from Genesis through Revelation. Our reading for the week is 2 Chronicles 1-12. In this week’s discussion Pastor Clark and Gary focus on division and revolt against Rehoboam. 

A Moment of Faith: Crown Him with Many Crowns

The discussion on Moment of Faith with Gary and Pastor Nicely this week is Ascension Day and the hymn “Crown Him with Many Crowns.”