A Moment in Creation

Rev. Warren Woerth, pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Arnold, Missouri, joins host Gary Duncan to discuss Biblical Creation, its relationship to historical and current events, and how to defend Biblical Creation in a secular world.

Show Time: Tuesday at 12:00-1:00 p.m. Central Time
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A Moment in Creation: Light Travel Time

The discussion with Gary Duncan and Rev. Warren Woerth today is about the recent images from the James Webb telescope. Is there a light travel time problem?

A Moment in Creation: Alien Life?

Gary Duncan and Rev. Warren Woerth discuss a report that a Chinese Radio Telescope has discovered alien life. Hear the truth of what occurred and what was actually detected.

A Moment in Creation: Dinosaurs with Feathers?

Pastor Warren Woerth and Gary Duncan look at the so-called claims that some dinosaurs had feathers. How should Christians discern the facts from false claims when looking into Gods creation?

A Moment in Creation: Virtual Parenting

Rev. Warren Woerth and Gary Duncan discuss the subject of virtual parenting and virtual children in the Metaverse. This discussion is in response to a recent article in the Guardian.

A Moment in Creation: The Sign of a Dove

Rev. Warren Woerth discusses with Gary Duncan The appearance of a dove at Pentecost and the significances of doves throughout the Bible.

A Moment in Creation: Niclaus Copernicus

This week, Gary Duncan talks with Pastor Woerth about Nicolaus Copernicus, known as the father of modern astronomy. Hear about his backstory and what Martin Luther thought of his ideas on the rotation of planets.   How does modern astronomy fit into our Christian beliefs on creation? 

A Moment in Creation: Lunar Eclipse

In this week’s program Gary Duncan talks with Pastor Woerth about the moon. Our discussion starts out with the recent lunar eclipse and Pastor Woerth shares with us how these natural wonders point to our creator God.

A Moment in Creation: Does a Creation and Young Earth Worldview Harm the Christian Faith?

Are Christian’s who believe and promote a young earth and a literal understanding of Genesis harming the Christian faith? Listen as Gary Duncan talks with Rev. Warren Woerth about a recent article on that subject. Pastor Woerth will help us to understand what the Bible teaches of the creation account.

A Moment in Creation: Distorted Gospel

Gary Duncan talks with Rev. Warren Woerth about the question “Is Jesus the only way to salvation?” Here about how a pastor on Tik Tok is distorting the Gospel message. Listen and learn how you can help your children discern false teaching seen and heard on social media.

A Moment in Creation: Truth or Speculation

Gary Duncan hears from Rev. Warren Woerth about how scientist have discovered the fossil of a dinosaur they believe died during an asteroid hitting earth. What are the truths behind this discovery and what are just speculations? Listen for more insights