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Cross Defense — Contraception and a Pre-1960s America

What do Republican and Democrat party platforms say about abortion and contraception?

Concord Matters — Greeting to the Apology of the Augsburg Confession

Dr. Ryan Macpherson joins Rev. Brady Finnern to study the background, history, and Melanchthon’s greeting to the Apology.

Wrestling With the Basics — Matthew 25: Sheep and the Goats & Reindeers

With hosts Rev. Matt “Youngblood” Clark and Rev. “Jolly” John Lukomski.

Thy Strong Word — Micah 7: Wait for the God of Salvation

The Rev. Dr. Brian Kachelmeier, pastor of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in San Antonio, TX, joins the Rev. Dr. Phil Booe to study Micah 7.

{The Lutheran Ladies’ Lounge} Party Planning Committee: Saint Lucia Day!

In honor of St. Lucy’s Day on December 13, the Party Planning Committee is back: this time with tips and tricks for holding your own Saint Lucia Day celebration.  

The Coffee Hour — Set Apart To Serve: Deaconess Ministry

Deaconess Amy Rast, Deaconess Dr. Gillian M. Bond, and Deaconess Kristin Wassilak talk about formation as a Deaconess.

Sharper Iron — Nothing But Christ Crucified: Worthy Reception of the Body and Blood of the Lord

Rev. Dustin Beck, pastor at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Warda, TX, joins host Rev. Timothy Appel to study 1 Corinthians 11:17-34.

Oratio: Christ has Overcome the Darkness

Rev. Kenneth Bomberger gives today’s prayerful thought based on the day’s Scripture readings.

Morning Prayer Sermonette: 1 John 2:15-29

Rev. Gaven Mize gives today’s sermonette.

Thy Strong Word — Micah 6: The Indictment of the Lord

The Rev. Dr. Benjamin Squires, pastor of Bethel Lutheran Church in Gurnee, IL, joins the Rev. Dr. Phil Booe to study Micah 6.

On the ‘Lutheran Witness’
Search Scripture December 2023
The Coffee Hour – LW Searching Scripture “Grace Be With You” December 2023: Philippians 4:8-23

Rev. Anthony Oliphant talks about the “Searching Scripture” feature in the December 2023 issue of the Lutheran Witness.