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Cross Defense — The Pope on Homosexuality and Speaking Truth in Love

Pastor Bramwell explains why Christians do not approach sin with words that merely sound loving, but rather, those that truly are loving.

Concord Matters — Luther’s Small Catechism. What benefits does baptism give? Too many to count!

Rev. Stewart Crown joins Rev. Brady Finnern to study the benefits of Holy Baptism.

Wrestling With the Basics — Beatitudes: Matthew 5

With hosts Rev. Matt “Youngblood” Clark and Rev. “Jolly” John Lukomski.

Thy Strong Word — Free-Text First Friday: A Look at Selected Funeral Texts

The Rev. Jim Daub, pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Havelock, NC, joins the Rev. Dr. Phil Booe on a special “Free-Text First Friday” episode to study selected funeral texts.

{The Lutheran Ladies’ Lounge} Conversations with Creatives: Liturgical Sewing with Anna Hart

Anna Hart is a wife, mother, fellow Lutheran lady, and the expert liturgical seamstress behind Anna’s Threads.

Daily Chapel — Rev. Dr. Ross Johnson on Matthew 17:1-9

Rev. Dr. Ross Johnson gives today’s sermon based on Matthew 17:1-9.

The Coffee Hour — Set Apart To Serve: Church Worker Formation at Concordia Theological Seminary

Andy and Sarah talk with Rev. Dr. Lawrence R. Rast Jr., President of Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Sharper Iron — The Word Made Flesh: This Food Can Death Destroy

Rev. David Boisclair, pastor at Bethesda and Faith Lutheran Churches in north St. Louis County, MO, joins host Rev. Timothy Appel to study John 6:52-59.

Oratio: Seeking the Truth

Rev. Kenneth Bomberger gives today’s prayerful thought based on the day’s Scripture readings.

Morning Prayer Sermonette: Titus 2:7-3:15

Rev. Dr. Joel Biermann gives today’s sermonette.

On the ‘Lutheran Witness’
The Lutheran Witness Podcast: In Everything Give Thanks

The Rev. Michael Kasting shares the joy and sorrows of serving as a caregiver for someone struggling with Alzheimer’s. Make sure you also see the full story shared in this pamphlet. This is part of the story from the February issue of The Lutheran Witness.