Friends for Life — LCMS Life Ministry

We believe that God is the author and sustainer of all life. We also know it can be hard to speak about the intrinsic value of that life when it feels like the world is trying to drown us out.

We’re right here beside you. In this podcast of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s Life Ministry, we’re coming alongside one another as a community of Christ’s redeemed people, ones who are speaking up for and living out the sanctity of human life. Together we’ll explore life issues in a way that honors our heavenly Father’s value of human life, serves our neighbor, and connects us to others who are doing the same. Join us, so that together we can be friends for life.

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Friends For Life — LCMS Life Ministry: 48. Life Together: The “With” Way | Rev. Dr. Tyler Arnold

Pastor Tyler Arnold joins Steph to talk about the vital role that visitation plays in the life of the Christian community.

Friends For Life — LCMS Life Ministry: 47. A Father’s Perspective on Miscarriage | Rev. Caleb Weight

Pastor Caleb Weight joins Steph to bring comfort, hope, and honesty to the conversation of miscarriage and mourning from a father’s perspective.

Friends For Life — LCMS Life Ministry: 46. Praying for Dear Life | Renee Gibbs

Renee Gibbs joins the show to talk about the where, when, and how of praying for life issues as part of a Christian’s daily practice of prayer.

Friends For Life — LCMS Life Ministry: 45. Light & Life | Rev. Andrew Jones

Pastor Andrew Jones joins Steph to talk about one of the most important celebrations of light and life within the Christian tradition.

Friends For Life — LCMS Life Ministry: 44. Life Ministry on the College Campus | Nicole Chappell

Concordia University Chicago student Nicole Chappell talks about the endless opportunities for college students to get involved with pro-life work both on and off campus.

Friends For Life — LCMS Life Ministry: 43. The Incarnation: Christ’s Life, Our Life | Rev. Sean Daenzer

Rev. Sean Daenzer dives deep into the theology of the incarnation and what this means for Christians and life issues.

Friends For Life — LCMS Life Ministry: 42. Toward a Pro-Life City | Rev. Dr. Leonard Payton 

Rev. Dr. Leonard Payton joins Steph to talk about the challenges of being pro-life in the city, and how urban areas desperately need Christians to stand up for life.  

Friends For Life — LCMS Life Ministry: 41. What’s a Wife to Do? | Deaconess Rosie Adle & Rebekah Curtis

Co-authors of the book Ladylike, Rebekah Curtis and Rosie Adle, talk about what it’s like to be a lady, living biblically, in the vocation of wife.

Friends For Life — LCMS Life Ministry: 40. When the Caregiver Needs Care | Dr. Kim Marxhausen

Dr. Kim Marxhausen talks about the special kinds of burden and stress that caregiving places on the caregiver and how the Church is best poised to meet the physical and spiritual needs of caretakers.

Friends For Life — LCMS Life Ministry: 39. Life under the Cross | Rev. Robert Zagore

Pastor Robert Zagore joins Steph and Tiffany for another installment of “The Floor Is Yours” to discuss how a Lutheran theology of the cross impacts our approach to life issues.