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Gary Duncan

Executive Director

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On any given day, Executive Director Gary Duncan has a story to share about his time at various radio stations, including his very first job (we won’t tell you how long ago) at 14 Country WCMT Tennessee. An ardent lover of music, you’ll often find him singing and strumming away on his guitar. Gary also enjoys a lifetime of learning. After college with studies in broadcast communications he has studied numerous subjects including Community College Continuing education and on-line courses in business, electronics, computer technologies, photography and just recently studied for and passed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) part 107 test and is a certified commercial drone pilot. Gary’s current on-line course studies are focused on learning to play the piano. In addition to Gary’s enjoyment from music and drone flying you’ll find him amassing a collection of radio gadgets, guitars and photo gear. He takes his various cameras on adventures to capture delightful photography of his native Saint Louis architecture, nature, animals, or birds. When it’s time to just relax with his wife, two children and six grandchildren, he’s an expert in lounging in his pool in the summer, or if it’s too cold for that, cozying up by the fire laughing at his favorite comedies.

A Moment for the Family: Dr. Mary Manz Simon at the Library of Congress in Washington DC

Dr. Mary Manz Simon, who is interviewed each Wednesday on Family Matters, was a guest of the Library of Congress in Washington DC on May 9. 

A Moment in Creation: The Collapse of Darwin’s Arch

Gary Duncan and Rev Warren Woerth talk about the collapse of Darwin’s Arch and how that relates to the young earth beliefs held by Christians.

A Moment on the Lighter Side: Good vs Evil

We continue our discussion on the program with Gary Duncan and St. Peter on the war of good and evil. Who is really in control as we discuss Good Friday?

A Moment on the Lighter Side: Passwords and Palm Sunday

Gary talks with St. Peter who brings back spy talk and secret passwords as we discuss Palm Sunday.

A Moment of Faith: I Know My Redeemer Lives

Rev. Doug Nicely and Gary Duncan talk about the hymn “I Know My Redeemer Lives” and the related story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.

A Moment for the Family: Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Mary Manz Simon and Gary Duncan discuss Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the ethical use of this new technology.

A Moment in Creation: Thinking Scientifically about the Galaxy and Planets

Rev. Warren Woerth discuses with Gary Duncan about scientists needing to rethink how the galaxy and planets were formed. They also consider how should Christians view the latest discovery from the James Webb telescope.

A Moment on the Lighter Side: War Update – Final Confrontation

Gary Duncan connects with St. Peter again for the final confrontation of Jesus and the Devil.

A Moment of Faith: Amazing Grace

In this podcast-only special, Gary Duncan and Rev. Doug Nicely discuss the blind man and the hymn, “Amazing Grace”.

A Moment for the Family: School Security Concerns

Dr. Mary Manz Simon and Gary Duncan talk about security issues within our schools today.