Gary Duncan
Gary Duncan

Executive Director

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On any given day, Executive Director Gary Duncan has a story to share about his time at various radio stations, including his very first job (we won’t tell you how long ago) at 14 Country WCMT Tennessee. An ardent lover of music, you’ll often find him strumming away on his guitar or listening to an array of tunes with Chromecast or on his. In addition to amassing a collection of radio gadgets and guitars, he takes his various cameras on adventures to capture delightful photography of his native Saint Louis architecture, nature, animals, or birds. When it’s time to just relax with his wife, two children and six grandchildren, he’s an expert in lounging in his pool in the summer, or if it’s too cold or that, cozying up by the fire laughing at his favorite comedies.

A Moment on the Lighter Side: The Parable of the Lost Sheep

St. Peter shares the parable of the lost sheep.

A Moment in Scripture: God Provides

Learn how God provided for His people of old and today in Exodus 14-22.

A Moment of Faith: The Seventh Commandment

Pastor Nicely and Gary discuss the seventh commandment.

A Moment for the Family: Trash Talk and Cottage Country

Hear a conversation on how coronavirus has affected trash pickup, environmental concerns, and the trend for country living.

A Moment in Creation: Life on Venus?

Pastor Warren Woerth and Gary discuss whether there could be life on Venus.

A Moment on the Lighter Side: Sheep and the Shepherd

St. Peter talks with Gary about the parable of the sheep and the shepherd. 

A Moment in Scripture: The Plagues

Study the plagues in Exodus 5-13 with Pastor Clark and Gary Duncan.

A Moment of Faith: The Sixth Commandment

Pastor Nicely and Gary discuss the sixth commandment, respecting marriage.

A Moment for the Family: Pandemic Potpourri

Dr. Mary Manz Simon looks at the realities of the pandemic, revisits past tips with updates, and offers new ideas a healthy and faithful life with children. 

A Moment in Creation: Earth Layers

Pastor Woerth discusses the importance of a proper understanding of the layers of the Earth