Gary Duncan
Gary Duncan

Executive Director

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On any given day, Executive Director Gary Duncan has a story to share about his time at various radio stations, including his very first job (we won’t tell you how long ago) at 14 Country WCMT Tennessee. An ardent lover of music, you’ll often find him strumming away on his guitar or listening to an array of tunes with Chromecast or on his. In addition to amassing a collection of radio gadgets and guitars, he takes his various cameras on adventures to capture delightful photography of his native Saint Louis architecture, nature, animals, or birds. When it’s time to just relax with his wife, two children and six grandchildren, he’s an expert in lounging in his pool in the summer, or if it’s too cold or that, cozying up by the fire laughing at his favorite comedies.

A Moment in Scripture: Job 2-14

Gary and Pastor Matt Clark continue their two-year trip through the Bible. This week we read Job 2-14. In our discussion we revisit chapter one and then move forward as we learn more about the person Job.

A Moment of Faith: Hymn Tune–Slane

Gary Duncan and Pastor Doug Nicely discuss the musical tune Slane.  What hymns have used this musical tune? Listen and find out.

A Moment for the Family: Safe Summer Activities

Is the pandemic bubble busted?  Listen as Gary and Dr. Mary Manz Simon discuss this along with safety issues to take into consideration during summer activities.

A Moment on the Lighter Side: Titus

Gary talks with Titus about the Epistle to Titus from Paul.

A Moment in Creation: Beneficial Mutations

Are beneficial mutations proof of evolution? Listen in as Gary and Pastor Woerth discuss this question. 

A Moment in Scripture: Nehemiah 11 – Esther – Job 1

Follow along as we go through the Bible from Genesis through Revelation. Today we read Nehemiah 11 – Esther – Job 1. Gary and Pastor Matt Clark discuss Esther and vocations.

A Moment of Faith: Thy Word

Gary Duncan and Pastor Doug Nicely discuss the hymn “Thy Word” and Psalm 119.

A Moment for the Family: Post-Pandemic Family Interaction

Gary and Dr. Mary Manz Simon talk about interacting with children as we continue to move back into post-pandemic routines.

A Moment in Creation: The Turkey Vulture

Gary and Pastor Woerth talk about the purpose of the turkey vulture.

A Moment on the Lighter Side: The Herods

Gary concludes his discussion of the Herods of scripture with “The Bible History Answer Man”.