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Gary Duncan

Executive Director

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On any given day, Executive Director Gary Duncan has a story to share about his time at various radio stations, including his very first job (we won’t tell you how long ago) at 14 Country WCMT Tennessee. An ardent lover of music, you’ll often find him singing and strumming away on his guitar. Gary also enjoys a lifetime of learning. After college with studies in broadcast communications he has studied numerous subjects including Community College Continuing education and on-line courses in business, electronics, computer technologies, photography and just recently studied for and passed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) part 107 test and is a certified commercial drone pilot. Gary’s current on-line course studies are focused on learning to play the piano. In addition to Gary’s enjoyment from music and drone flying you’ll find him amassing a collection of radio gadgets, guitars and photo gear. He takes his various cameras on adventures to capture delightful photography of his native Saint Louis architecture, nature, animals, or birds. When it’s time to just relax with his wife, two children and six grandchildren, he’s an expert in lounging in his pool in the summer, or if it’s too cold for that, cozying up by the fire laughing at his favorite comedies.

A Moment in Creation: Are We Martians?

Rev. Warren Woerth talks with Gary on the program today as he asks and answers the question if we are Martians. 

A Moment on the Lighter Side: An Invasion of Bethlehem

This week on the program Gary Duncan Talks with St. Peter and Peter has a message for us that the invasion of Bethlehem has begun. Listen to find out what this is all about.

A Moment in Scripture: Revelation 6-13

Gary and Pastor Matt Clark continue their two-year trip through the Bible. This week we read Revelation 6-13. Pastor Clark highlights Revelation 7 and glimpses of heaven in the presence of Jesus.  

A Moment of Faith: Brightest and Best of the Stars of the Morning

Today, Rev. Doug Nicely discusses Epiphany with Gary Duncan.  Pastor Nicely highlights the hymn “Brightest and Best of the Stars of  the Morning”

A Moment for the Family: New Year, New Schools

Gary Duncan and Dr. Mary Manz Simon discuss new year new schools. What will the newly constructed school buildings and classrooms look like, as we move forward?

A Moment in Creation: Daughters of Man and Sons of God

Rev. Woerth talks with Gary Duncan about New Year resolution of reading scripture and the confusion with the section about the daughters of man and sons of God. 

A Moment of Faith: Away in a Manger

Rev. Doug Nicely shares with Gary Duncan the backstory of the Christmas hymn, “Away in the Manger”.

A Moment for the Family: Christmases Past

Gary Duncan and Dr. Mary Manz Simon reflect on past Christmases and traditions and share some comforting words from Scripture.

A Moment in Creation: The Bethlehem Star

Rev. Warren Woerth shares with us the truth vs fiction about the Bethlehem star.

A Moment on the Lighter Side: Signs and Words

This week on the program Gary Duncan concludes his discussion with the sheep Robert Magilacuddy known as Baaab. Our discussion is focused on how signs are connected to words.