A Moment in Creation

Rev. Warren Woerth, pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Arnold, Missouri, joins host Gary Duncan to discuss Biblical Creation, its relationship to historical and current events, and how to defend Biblical Creation in a secular world.

Show Time: Tuesday at 12:00-1:00 p.m. Central Time
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A Moment in Creation: Roots of Racism-The Bible or Social Darwinism?

Gary Duncan and Pastor Woerth discuss an article that suggests those who deny evolution are supremacist. However, that statement is really opposite of the truth.

A Moment in Creation: Scopes Monkey Trial

Gary Duncan and Pastor Woerth discuss the Scopes Monkey Trial, formally known as The State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes of 1925. 

A Moment in Creation: The Skull of Dragon Man

Gary and Pastor Woerth discuss recent online articles about the discovery of a skull from the so-called Dragon Man.

A Moment in Creation: Beneficial Mutations

Are beneficial mutations proof of evolution? Listen in as Gary and Pastor Woerth discuss this question. 

A Moment in Creation: The Turkey Vulture

Gary and Pastor Woerth talk about the purpose of the turkey vulture.

A Moment in Creation: Man-Made Living Cells

Gary Duncan and Pastor Warren Woerth discuss the current and misleading news stories of man-made living cells.

A Moment in Creation: Astronomy

The heavens declare the glory of God. Hear Gary and Pastor Woerth discuss astronomy.

A Moment in Creation: Accurate Fossil Records

This week, Pastor Woerth shares with Gary the importance of an accurate fossil record.

A Moment in Creation: Geology Doesn’t Lie

This week, Pastor Woerth and Gary consider how the event at Mount St. Helens volcano, 41 years ago, has allowed geologists to study in real time how a catastrophe can radically shape the environment.

A Moment in Creation: The Amazing Armadillo

In this week’s episode Pastor Woerth and Gary discuss one of God’s amazing creatures, the armadillo.