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Each day, host Gary Duncan welcomes a different regular guest for a brief conversation about family, creation, scripture, faith, and the sillier side of life.

Show Times: Monday–Friday at 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. Central Time

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A Moment on the Lighter Side
Tuesday: A Moment in Creation
Wednesday: A Moment for the Family
Thursday: A Moment of Faith
A Moment in Scripture

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A Moment of Faith: Prepare a Royal Highway

Rev. Doug Nicely shares with Gary Duncan insights about the Advent hymn, “Prepare a Royal Highway”.

A Moment for the Family: Seasonal Stress

Gary Duncan and Dr. Mary Manz Simon talk about seasonal stress and the holidays.

A Moment in Creation: Woolley’s Flood

On this program Rev. Warren Woerth discusses with Gary Duncan a story of Sir Woolley’s flood that was once thought to be proof of the flood in Genesis but turned out to be a regional flood that should not be confused with Noah’s flood. 

A Moment on the Lighter Side: Advent with Sheep

Gary Duncan welcomes back the sheep from the hill when Christ was born. Robert Magilacuddy. We Call him Baaab for short. They continue their discussion about Advent. 

A Moment for the Family: Christmas Toys

On this week’s podcast Dr. Mary Manz Simon and Gary Duncan talk about Christmas toy giving along with how technology is driving the toy industry.

A Moment in Creation: The Complex Human Eye

On this week’s program Rev. Warren discusses with Gary Duncan the human eye in detail based on writings from Dr. David Menton.

A Moment on the Lighter Side: Robert Aloysius Magilacuddy

Gary Duncan welcomes Robert Aloysius Magilacuddy to the program as we begin our Advent series. Robert is a talking sheep, but we call him Baaaab for short. He was one of the original sheep on the hill when Christ was born. 

A Moment in Scripture: 1st and 2nd Peter

Gary and Pastor Matt Clark continue their two-year trip through the Bible. This week we read 1st and 2nd Peter. Listen as Rev. Matt Clark and Gary Duncan focus on Peter’s encouragement in the face of suffering.

A Moment for the Family: Your Family Story

Dr. Mary Manz Simon shares with Gary Duncan on this week’s program information about telling family stories. What are the benefits of sharing stories about your family?

A Moment in Creation: Evolution of Eyes

Today on the program Rev. Warren Woerth and Gary Duncan talk about the complexity of the eyes of various types of animals. Pastor Woerth debunks a recent blog post about how the eye evolved.