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A Moment of Faith

Rev. Doug Nicely, pastor  of Jerusalem Lutheran Church in Collinsville, Illinois, joins host Gary Duncan to reflect on the catechism and scripture. 

Show Time: Thursday at 12:00-1:00 p.m. Central Time
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A Moment of Faith: Away in a Manger

Rev. Doug Nicely shares with Gary Duncan the backstory of the Christmas hymn, “Away in the Manger”.

A Moment of Faith: O come, O come, Emmanuel

Rev. Doug Nicely discusses shares The O Antiphons around the Advent hymn, “O come, O come, Emmanuel”.

A Moment of Faith: Prepare a Royal Highway

Rev. Doug Nicely shares with Gary Duncan insights about the Advent hymn, “Prepare a Royal Highway”.

A Moment of Faith: End Times

Rev. Doug Nicely and Gary Duncan discuss the end times and the end of the Christian calendar. Pastor Nicely also shares the hymn from John Brownly.

A Moment of Faith: Children of the Heavenly Father

Rev. Doug Nicely shares with Gary Duncan what he calls the other famous Swedish hymn. Hear the back story of the hymn “Children of the Heavenly Father”.  Pastor Nicely also illustrates the connection to the Scripture reading from Luke appointed for this week. 

A Moment of Faith: Prayer and Hymns

Rev. Doug Nicely talks about Prayer with Gary Duncan and Doug shares with us three hymns that have a common theme. 

A Moment of Faith: For All the Faithful Women

Rev. Doug Nicely talks with Gary Duncan about Ruth and other Godly women. Doug also shares with us the hymn “For All the Faithful Women”.

A Moment of Faith: God Loves Me Dearly

Rev. Doug Nicely discusses the Scripture reading from this upcoming Sunday. 2 Timothy 1. Paul reminds Timothy of his faith taught to him by his mother and grandmother. Pastor Nicely looks a the children hymn “God Loves Me Dearly” in light of this Scripture reading. 

A Moment of Faith: What Is the World to Me?

On this week’s program Rev. Doug Nicely shares with us one of his uncle Marty’s favorite hymns with Gary Duncan.  Pastor Nicely’s uncle asked him to preach for his funeral and for the hymn “What Is the World to Me?” Hear this hymn and a bit of the backstory.

A Moment of Faith: Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us

Rev. Doug Nicely chats with Gary Duncan about children and lambs. In Matthew, Jesus talks about lost sheep as little ones. On this week’s program, you will hear about the connection between sheep and children and how that theme is the heart of many hymns. Pastor Nicely shares with Gary the hymn,  “Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us”.