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Sarah Gulseth

Digital Media Specialist

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A proud Michigan native and fan of anything with the Mitten State on it, Digital Media Specialist Sarah Gulseth is also a lover of historical war movies and anything with the label PBS Masterpiece. An avid bicyclist and women’s biking advocate, she rides her bike to work year-round and has the massive bike clothing and accessory collection to prove it. If it’s the weekend, she and her husband Luther are probably out riding bikes, or finding the next awesome coffee shop to frequent, or rehearsing for the next choir concert. You may also find her down a new rabbit hole on Google, researching the latest random fact she found on social media, while eating an unhealthy amount of apples (Macintosh from Michigan, of course) and raw almond butter.

The Coffee Hour – Small Teeth but a Big Smile

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Rev. Ken Bomberger, host of Oratio on KFUO Radio.

The Coffee Hour – Serving God and Country as a Military Chaplain

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Chaplain (Retired Lt. Col.) Steve Hokana, Assistant Director of Ministry to the Armed Forces.

The Coffee Hour – Capturing Global Stories of Witness and Mercy

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Erik Lunsford, Managing Photojournalist for the LCMS Communications Team.

The Coffee Hour – Re-imagining Family Fitness

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Jennifer Hamer, Group Fitness Instructor and Command Fitness (CFL) Instructor at Naval Air Station Lemoore Gym & Fitness Center.

The Coffee Hour – Dual Parish Life

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Rev. Philip Hoppe, Pastor of Peace Lutheran Church in Finlayson and St. Paul Lutheran Church in Bruno, Minnesota.

The Coffee Hour – Film Review: The Riot and the Dance

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Rev. Warren Woerth, Pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Arnold, Missouri.

The Coffee Hour – Learning Confidence through Poetry Competition

Today, Sarah talks with Word of Life Lutheran School students Bella, Emily, and Jaylee.

The Coffee Hour – Changing of the Guard at The Old Latin School Wittenberg

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with the Rev. Dr. Wilhelm Weber, incoming Managing Director of the International Lutheran Society of Wittenberg, and the Rev. Dr. Albert Collver, Senior Managing Director of the Old Latin School in Wittenberg, Germany.

The Coffee Hour – Forming Faithful Aarons

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Rev. Dr. Kurt Taylor (’88), Administrator of the Director of Church Ministries Program at Concordia University Wisconsin.

The Coffee Hour – Supporting Pastors in Post-Seminary Life

Today, Andy and Sarah talk with Rev. Andy Becker, associate pastor of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Arnold, Missouri.