Cross Defense

Challenge your theological synapses with Rev. Tyrel Bramwell, Admission Counselor at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and author of the book Come in, We are Closed, as he  talks about curious topics to excite the imagination, equip the mind, and comfort the soul with God’s ordering of the world in the Law and Gospel. Send him your questions on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter @tyrelbramwell, or at You can find his videos at

Show Time: Mondays at 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. Central Time
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Cross Defense – The Apologetics of the book ‘If I Had Lunch with CS Lewis’ by Alistair McGrath

With guest Dr. Steven P. Mueller, Professor of Theology at Concordia University Irvine and author of ‘Not a Tame God: Christ in the Writing of CS Lewis’.

Cross Defense – The Apologetical Use of the movie: God’s Not Dead

With guest Rev. Jeremy Klaustermeier of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Warrenton, MO.

Cross Defense – The Apologetical Use of Literature

With guest Dr. Gene Edward Veith- Author and Provost of Patrick Henry College.

Cross Defense – The Apologetics of High School Interest

Today we talk about challenges to their faith, about apologetic topics that interest them, and Morals explored.

Cross Defense – The Apologetics of Contradict: All World Religions Can’t Be True (John 14:6)

With guest Andy Wrasman, Theology Teacher at Crean Lutheran South High School in Orange County, CA.

Cross Defense – The Apologetic of the Deity of Jesus

The Apologetic of the Deity of Jesus — With guest Dr. Adam Francisco.

Cross Defense – The Apologetics of Judge Scalia’s Hermeneutic

With guest Craig Parton, a specialist in civil liberties and the legal defense of the gospel from the International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism & Human Rights.

Cross Defense – What About Non-Believers Who Never Hear the Gospel?

With guest Rev. Dr. John Bombaro of Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in San Diego, CA.