Active Sermon Listening for Kids

With Rev. Anthony Oliphant.

Faith’n’Family – Teaching Young Children about Temptation

With guests Dr. Shirley Morgenthaler and Bev Gruenwald.

Teaching Difficult Bible Stories

With guest Jonathan Schkade.

Faith’n’Family – Christian Kids in Public Schools

With guests Rev. Mark Wood and Aimee Ballans.

Faith’n’Family – Kids, College, and Pro-Life Physicians

Today we discuss what parents and grandparents should consider as children and grandchildren face the questions of the world at college, and we discuss the place of conscientious objection and Bioethics from an Orthodox perspective.

Concord Matters – Fourth Commandment in Large Catechism

Today we cover the Fourth Commandment, parents, mothers, fathers, kids, good works, new monasticism, bosses, pastors, government, youth work, and carthusians.

Faith’n’Family – The Value of Study Abroad Programs

With guests Aimee Brown and Tracy Tuffey.