{The Lutheran Ladies’ Lounge} Bri’s Big Question: New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions: good, bad, or utterly pointless? This is Bri’s Big Question for January.

Mission Field: USA — The Church’s Response to the Addiction Crisis

Three experts in the field of substance abuse explore resources and insights on the often lethal epidemic of substance abuse in our country, and how the church can bring hope and life.

LCMS Youth Ministry End Goals – Youth Gathering Resource: Rev. Michael Salemink and Life Issues

Mark and Julianna talk with Rev. Michael Salemink about how young people can be drawn into important discussions around the sanctity of life.

{The Lutheran Ladies’ Lounge} Christmas Poetry Slam!

In this “super special” holiday episode, Sarah, Erin, Bri, and Rachel each share their own original unpublished Christmas poems.

{The Lutheran Ladies’ Lounge} Rachel’s Trivia Challenge: The Best Christmas Pageant (Quiz) Ever

‘Tis the season … for Christmas pageants! Join Sarah, Erin, Bri, and Rachel as they embark on a riotous romp through the past, present and (hypothetical) future of nativity theatricals.

LCMS Youth Ministry End Goals – 7 Practices of Healthy Youth Ministry: Warmth, Challenge and Grace

Mark and Julianna discuss how Warmth, Challenge and Grace best describe what young people told us helped keep them attached to the church community.

{The Lutheran Ladies’ Lounge} Hymn Sing with Sarah: The Quempas Carol

Sarah invites Erin, Bri and Rachel to share their favorite Christmas carols and caroling memories, including her own with “The Quempas Carol.”

{The Lutheran Ladies’ Lounge} Erin’s Recipe Card: Christmas Cookies!

Erin goes beyond the beloved-but-mundane sugar cookie to introduce Bri, Rachel and Sarah to a new-to-them Christmas classic: the lace cookie.

Mission Field: USA — Ethnic Church Planting

Rev. Yared Halche explores the unique opportunities and challenges to begin churches among the various ethnic groups in our country today.

LCMS Youth Ministry End Goals – Youth Gathering Resource: Rev. Dr. Trevor Sutton and Lutheran Identity

Mark and Julianna interview Rev. Dr. Trevor Sutton about how young people navigate the tensions of Lutheranism in the world.