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By God’s grace and with your generous support, we’ve been sharing the Gospel for close to 99 years to millions of listeners worldwide.

  • Our Bible studies help to explain and deepen your understanding of God’s Word.
  • Our worship services proclaim salvation in Christ and give you the words that the church has always used to proclaim the Gospel.
  • And our hymns—the sacred music of the church—are the joyous exultation of God’s people that explain, proclaim, and announce the joy of salvation in Christ alone.

In short, your gift makes it possible for the listener-supported Broadcast Ministry of KFUO Radio to continue filling our world with God’s Word.

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Giving Levels

$600 Annual or $50/month  |  Receive a Lutheran Lady Yeti Rambler

Sip your hot tea or your iced coffee in style with this Nordic Purple 18oz Yeti Rambler! With a leak-proof hot shot lid, you can take your favorite drink everywhere while proudly displaying that you’re a “Lutheran Lady.”

$480 Annual or $40/month  |  Receive a KFUO Day Sponsorship

Choose an exclusive day to have us honor your loved ones on their birthday, anniversary, confirmation, graduation, or you can remember a loved one who is now with their Savior.

$240 Annual or $20/month  |  Receive a Lutheran Lady t-shirt

Let everyone know you love the Lutheran Ladies’ Lounge when you wear the quintessential “Lutheran Lady” tshirt!

$120 Annual or $10/month  |  Receive a 4-pack of CUSTOM Baptism Birthday Cards

Designed by our very own Bri Gerzevske and inspired by our “Party Planning Committee: Baptism Birthdays” episode, these unique Baptism Birthday Cards are sure to be a crowd-pleaser at your next Baptism Birthday Party.


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