Cross Defense – Many Roads to Nowhere

With guests Rev. Samuel Bobby and Rev. Michael Brown.

Cross Defense – Do You “Get” Religion?

With guests Rev. Adam Filipek and Rev. Adam Moline.

Cross Defense – Finding Harmony

With guests Rev. Micah Glenn and Rev. Adam DeGroot.

Cross Defense – Freed by Subjection

With guests Rev. Sean Daenzer and Rev. Aaron Hambleton.

Cross Defense – The Apologetic of Christ Alone (pt.3)

Today we discuss the False Christ of: Your Girlfriend and Precious Moments; Crossless Christ; Identifying the idolatry of False Christs, and the Diminishing of Original Sin.

Cross Defense – The Apologetic of Christ Alone for the 21st Century (pt.2)

Today’s topics include Jesus as … the new Moses, the Patriot, the Rabbi, the Psychotherapist and the Precious Moments Edition.

Reformation Rush Hour – Southern Baptists, Federal Reserve

Hear what Rev. Craig Donofrio has to say today!

BookTalk – Christ Alone: Meditations and Sermons

“Christ Alone: Meditations and Sermons” by Chad Bird.

The Bible Study – Reformation Week “CHRIST ALONE”

Reformation Week — “CHRIST ALONE” — with guest Rev. Anthony Iovine of St. Matthew Lutheran Church in New Milford, New Jersey.