Thy Strong Word — Exodus 12:29-51: The Final Plague – “Take Your People and Go!”

The Rev. Dr. John Brunner, pastor emeritus and former District President of the Eastern District LCMS, joins the Rev. Dr. Phil Booe to study Exodus 12:29-51.

Thy Strong Word — Exodus 12:1-28: The Passover and the Blood of the Lamb

The Rev. Adam DeGroot, pastor of Calvary Lutheran Church in Rio Rancho, NM, joins the Rev. Dr. Phil Booe to study Exodus 12:1-28.

Thy Strong Word – Exodus 12: Easter Plague of God’s Firstborn ☧

Rev. Steven Theiss, retired LCMS pastor in Frohna, Missouri, joins host Rev. AJ Espinosa to study Exodus 12.

Sharper Iron & The Saga of Salvation: Consecrated in Christ

Rev. Dr. Adam Filipek studies Exodus 12:43-13:16 regarding the Passover event and meal and its fulfillment in Christ, the passing down of the faith from parents to children, and the consecration that we have in Baptism into the firstborn Son of God.

Law and Gospel — Maundy Thursday Lectionary: Gospel Reading

Pastor Baker discusses theological distinctions between Law & Gospel regarding the Gospel reading for Maundy Thursday’s Lectionary.

Thy Strong Word – Exodus 12: “The Passover”

Exodus 12: “The Passover” with guest Rev. David Boisclair from Faith and Bethesda Lutheran Churches in North St. Louis County, Missouri.