Faith’n’Family – Follow up to the National March for Life

Katie Schuermann, Tracy Quaethem, Peter Slayton, and Rev. Marcus Zill reflect on their participation the March for Life, Washington DC and the Walk for Life West Coast, San Francisco.

BookTalk – Mind of Her Own

“Mind of Her Own” by Diana Brandmeyer.

BookTalk – The Choir Immortal

“The Choir Immortal” by Katie Schuermann.

Faith’n’Family – Infertility Symposium

With guest Katie Schuermann.

BookTalk – House of Living Stones

“House of Living Stones” by Katie Schuermann.

Faith’n’Family – Infertility & God’s Will: Katie Schuermann & Rev. Michael Schuermann, Kristi Leckband

With guests Rev. Michael Schuermann, Katie Schuermann, and Kristi Leckband.

BookTalk – ‘Pew Sisters’

“Pew Sisters” by Katie Schuermann.

Faith’n’Family – He Remembers the Barren

He Remembers the Barren — with guest Katie Schuermann.