Faith’n’Family – Lutheran Camps & Retreats

With guests Kenneth Erlandson, David Vandercar, Matt Kohler, and Rev. Joel Brandvold.

Faith’n’Family – The Good Dad Project; Lutheran Camps & Retreats

Larry Hagner, founder of The Good Dad Project, discusses his fears, challenges, and joys of life as a husband and father, and Doug Kading and Dr. Craig Oldenburg share stories from camp and plans for the 2015 season.

Faith’n’Family – KFUO Remembers; Lutheran Camps & Retreats

KFUO Remembers; Lutheran Camps & Retreats Audio File Rev. Doug Nicely joins the 90th Anniversary Celebration of Worldwide KFUO and shares stories from his ministry and work at KFUO, highlighting the unsettled years in the 1970’s.   Bruce Wall,…