Law and Gospel – Open Mike, Sons of the Devil, ISIS, Order of the Gospels

(1) Open Mike. (2) Caller: Appreciate your program. (3) Caller: How to pray in the name of Jesus. (4) Caller: Sons of the devil (John 8:44). (5) Caller: Isis children martyred. (6) Caller Order of the Gospels. (7) Caller: Death can come tonight.

Law and Gospel – Open Mike, Laying on of Hands, Gambling, Passover

(1) Open Mike. (2) Caller: Laying on of hands. (3) Caller: Stocks or lottery gambling? (4) Caller: Passover question. (5) Caller: Can you pray for a wife?

Law and Gospel – Open Mike, Where is Hell?, Hagar

(1) Open Mike. (2) Caller: Is hell outside of Jerusalem? (2) Caller: Who is the author of a book? (3) Galatians 4:21 on Hagar.

Law and Gospel – Open Mike, Bible written in Hebrew

(1) Open Mike. (2) Caller: Psalm 1 and 23. (3) Caller: Bible written in Hebrew. (4) Caller: 1 John 5:16. (5) Caller: Double entendre. (6) Caller: Importance of Job.

Law and Gospel – Open Mike, Purpose in Life, Losing Loved Ones

(1) Open Mike. (2) What is your purpose in life? (3) Caller: About Christians losing loved ones.

Law and Gospel – Open Mike, Revelation

(1) Open Mike. (2) Caller: In Revelation Ephesus lost first love. (3) Caller: Revelation, chapter 2. (4) Caller: Mother has dementia and prayer.

Law and Gospel – Open Mike, Mortal v. Venial Sins, Salvation

(1) Open Mike. (2) Difference between mortal and venial sins. (3) Caller: Sermons with Law and Gospel. (4) Caller: Is faith required for salvation?

Law and Gospel – Open Mike, Sinnging Against the Holy Spirit, Miracles

(1) Open Mike. (2) More facts on the sin against the Holy Spirit. (2) Caller: Question on that sin. (3) Caller: What about professors who discounted miracles.

Law and Gospel – Open Mike, Communion Misconceptions, Aristotle, Calvin

(1) Open Mike. (2) Additional unique teachings. (3) Caller: Communion misconceptions. (4) Caller: Luther vs. Aristotelian philosophy. (5) Caller: Calvin’s low view of the sacraments. (6) Caller: Call on Him in truth from Psalm 145:18.

Law and Gospel – Open Mike, Whale, Miracles, Billy Graham

(1) Open Mike. (2) Caller: Belly of a whale; pattern of stars. (3) Caller: Miracle working God. (4) Caller: Critique of Billy Graham. (5) Bible is 1% of being saved and 99% of how to live?