Law and Gospel – Open Mike, Small Catechism, Enoch, Laws of Thermodynamic

(1) Open Mike. (2) Why does Small Catechism speak of accepting Jesus? (3) Caller: Enoch. (4) Caller: Laws of thermodynamics.

Law and Gospel – Open Mike, Criticism, Adam

(1) Open Mike. (2) Criticism about not understanding Lutheran doctrine of good works. (3) Caller: Matthew 11:28-30. (4) Caller: Adam was lost?

Law and Gospel – Open Mike, Corban

(1) Open Mike. (2) What is the meaning of Corban? (3) Caller: Matthew 13:13-15. (4) Caller: Pledge a percentage rather than an amount.

Law and Gospel – Open Mike, James Lamb, Sacramental

(1) Open Mike. (2) James Lamb, Lutherans for Life executive director. (3) Caller: Colossians 1:24. (4) Caller: What is meant by sacramental?

Law and Gospel – Open Mike, mortal/venial sin, Righteousness, Repentance, Contradiction in Gen., Dinosaurs

(1) Open Mike. (2) Difference between mortal and venial sin. (3) Caller: Two kinds of righteousness. (4) Caller: Genesis 1 and 2 contradict each other? (5) Caller: Repentance means… (6) Caller: Luke 11:9 and 19:26. (7) Caller: Job 40-41 and dinosaurs.

Law and Gospel – Open Mike, Three Tents, Symbolism, Book of Revelation

(1) Open Mike. (2) 2 Peter 1:16-21. (3) Caller: What do three tents mean? (4) Caller: Symbolism. (5) Caller: Is the book of Revelation linear or cyclical?

Law and Gospel – Open Mike, Portals of Prayer, Archbishop, Civil/Human Rights, Africa, Vocation

(1) Open Mike: What is proper contrition? (2) Caller: Portals of Prayer. (3) Caller: What about Archbishop of Canterbury? (4) Caller: Civil rights and human rights. (5) Caller: Efforts in Africa. (6) Caller: Vocation and occupation.

Law and Gospel – Open Mike, Absolution, Culture today

(1) Open Mike. (2) Caller: Absolution. (3) Caller: Culture today. (4) Caller: Galatians 3:26-29 and 1 John 1:3-5

Law and Gospel

Topics of Discussion: (1) Open Mike examining the hymn, “Come, Holy Ghost, God and Lord.” (2) Decision theology in light of the 1943 catechism about accepting Jesus. (3) Callers: Church of God in Indianapolis; I Peter 1 and II Peter 1; Romans 8:26-30.

Law and Gospel

Topics of Discussion: (1) Open Mike: Hymn “Within The Father’s House.” (2) Meaning of the word “Epiphany.” (3) Insights on the Wise Men and the Gospel.