Cross Defense — 1 Clement on Division, Pt. 1: Combat and Love (Rebroadcast)

1 Clement draws from Scripture to address division and instruct the faithful in matters of Christian combat.

Cross Defense — Bringing Your Kids to Church (Rebroadcast)

Pastor Bramwell gives practical instruction from Scripture on how to ease the struggle of bringing children to church.

Cross Defense — Vulnerable Evangelists (Rebroadcast)

Pastor Bramwell talks with Rev. Shauen Trump, LCMS regional director of Africa, about what we can learn from missionaries in Africa.

Cross Defense — Constellations and the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Rebroadcast)

What do the Scriptures say about the sun, moon, and stars? What does the fourth day of creation tell us about them?

Cross Defense — Adoptionism: Then and Now (Rebroadcast)

Pastor Bramwell discusses the 2nd-century heresy of adoptionism and how it is still alive and actively held by Unitarians today.

Cross Defense — The Gospel Echo of Acts 2 (Rebroadcast)

Pastor Bramwell explores the curious topic of Luke’s use of echo in Acts 2:2 and Luke 4:37.

Cross Defense — Characteristics of The Loving Resistance Fighter (Rebroadcast)

Rev. Sam Schuldheisz teaches us more about the redeemed imagination.

Cross Defense — Is the New Testament Trustworthy? (Rebroadcast)

How does the historical method answer the question of whether or not the Nest Testament is trustworthy?

Cross Defense — How Do Democracy and Christianity Connect? (Rebroadcast)

John Warwick Montgomery helps us understand the relationship between democracy and Christianity.

Cross Defense — FLAME, from Baptist to Lutheran

Hear FLAME’s story of his journey from Calvinism to Lutheranism.