Concord Matters — Preface to the Book of Concord. “We announce and declare the clarity of God’s Word.”

Rev. Dr. Rich Rudowske joins Rev. Brady Finnern to study the Preface of the Book of Concord.

The Coffee Hour — Experience Scripture: Living Water from Lutheran Bible Translators

Andy and Sarah talk with Dr. Mike Rodewald and Rev. Rich Rudowske with Lutheran Bible Translators.

The Coffee Hour – The Word of God in Languages of the Heart

Andy and Sarah talk with Rev. Rich Rudowske, Director for Program Ministries & COO with Lutheran Bible Translators.

His Time – Commission on Theology and Church Relations, The Words of Eternal Life

(1) Dr. Joel D. Lehenbauer talks about CTCR, and (2) Rev. Rich Rudowske looks at John 6:60-71 and gives today’s sermonette.