Faith & Family – Lutheran Elementary School Association: A Night for Kids

With Kit Auble, Yvonne Boyd, Sanai Davis, and James Mitchell

Faith’n’Family – Deaconess Story & Formation

With guests Deaconess Amanda Van de Kamp and Deaconess Kristin Wassilak.

Faith’n’Family – The Benefits of Volunteering

Kristy Bull, Lutheran Senior Services, Director of Volunteers, discusses the benefits of volunteering and opportunities available.

Faith’n’Family – Flint Water Crisis Affects Ministry

Today we discuss the recent water crisis and its impact.

Faith’n’Family – 2016 LCMS Servant Events

Many LCMS Servant Events take place each summer across the U.S. Four Servant Event leaders speak about the events they are leading and impact on their communities.

Faith’n’Family – Bethesda Christian Service Award

Today we discuss the important service of Bethesda, the dedicated employees, volunteers and partners who helped accomplish the mission

Faith’n’Family – Servant Events

Today we discuss involvement in planning, leading, and serving with LCMS Servant Events.