The Coffee Hour – How Directors of Christian Education Serve the Church Today

Andy and Sarah talk with NADCE Board Members Thad Warren, Shelli Haynes, and Emily Phoenix.

Faith’n’Family – Dr. Mark Blanke: Celebrating 35 Years of DCE Ministry

With guests Dr. Mark Blanke, DCE, Vanessa Seifert, Christine Eckberg, Shelli Haynes, and Rev. Dr. Brian Friedrich

Faith’n’Family – National Youth Gathering: 2016 Review, Terry Dittmer, and Shelli Haynes

With guests Rev. Bart Day, Rev. Mark Kiessling, Rev. Dr. Terry Dittmer, and DCE Shelli Haynes.

Faith’n’Family – National DCE Day

With guests Dr. William O. Karpenko and Shelli Haynes.

Faith’n’Family – National DCE Day

Today we discuss the history and service of the DCE.